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Oil painting of child and dog
I saw this painting this weekend while out book hunting at thrift stores. I snapped a photo of it, to see if I could find any information about it, or the artist. I thought it was priced at $19.99, but when I looked the photos, I saw it was only $9.99. So I went back today and bought it. For only $10, I think it was a great deal. It’s an 20″x24″ oil painting of a child (a little girl I think) holding a fishing rod and what looks like a trout. She has her  cute little dog with her. It looks like a Spaniel. Maybe a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
Oil painting of child and dog close up
I am not sure what the artist’s name is. It looks like the first initial is a “C”. The last name looks like it might be something like Mamilltz, Mamillts, Mamillty, Mauillty, Mawiutz, Mawiuty or Mauillts. I don’t know. I have googled variations of the name and didn’t find anything.
Oil painting of child and dog-signatureI don’t know the age of the painting. There is a business card (that looks kind of old) stapled to the back. It looks like it was sold at Artists Showroom Facing The Harbor in Port Jefferson, NY (which is down on Long Island). I did a search and couldn’t find any information about this place, so I am guessing they are probably long out of business.


Watercolor Eglise Notre-Dame Des Victoires - QuebecI found this painting today at a thrift store for $5. It’s 18″x24″. The watercolor looks real under my 30x loupe. Part of me thinks the ink part was might have been printed, and then painted with watercolor afterward. I can’t tell. But for $5, I took a chance. There is something written after “Quebec”, but it is faded. I looked at it under a UV light, and it is more visible. I still can’t make out what it says. Looks like it starts with an M and ends with an H. Maybe the artist’s signature? I took it out of the frame and there was nothing on the back except a couple paint splatters. I don’t see the artist’s name anywhere else on the painting.

Here is the writing after the word Quebec, under UV light. I also tweaked the contrast and brightness of the image to make it stand out more. Anybody else have any ideas what it says?Eglise -Notre-Dame Des Victoires Quebec Signature

Betty Hook watercolor roses with frameBetty Hook watercolor rosesI found this watercolor painting at a Goodwill for $4. The artist’s name is Betty Hook. The painting itself is 26″x7″. With the mat and frame it’s 31.5″x11.5″.  The frame is in poor condition, and has been repaired with a couple of nails. We really don’t like the pink frame anyway and will probably replace it with a different color.

Ron Briggs watercolor house and barn with frame

It’s an original watercolor painting (15″x20″) on board, with an opaque type paint for the clouds. The artist’s name is Ron Briggs, and it’s dated 1981. Cost $7. I believe the artist is from England. The frame and mat are junk, and I plan to replace them when I find a better frame in my travels. The painting has a little damage in the upper left hand corner. I removed the painting from the frame and found it also signed by the artist on the back and dated 6,9,81.
Ron Briggs watercolor house and barn

Gia Conti Watercolor Elephants with frame

It’s an original watercolor by a local artist named Gia Conti. The painting itself is 14″x20″, and framed and matted it’s 21″x27″. It cost $13. And the cashier at the thrift store was asking me where I found it, that she would have bought it. And then another lady also loved it and said she would have bought it too. LOL! The frame is very nice and worth more than the money I paid. Love the painting. This was a great find!

Gia Conti Watercolor Elephants

Pam Leutung watercolor azaleas with frame

I was out bookhunting and found this painting at a Salvation Army for $4. It’s an original watercolor. The painting is 14″x18″. The artists name looks like it is Pam Leutung. I did a search and found someone with that name went to school in the area, class of 1975. I haven’t found any other paintings by her, so maybe it’s a one off. A school project? I don’t know. I liked it.Pam Leutung watercolor azaleas

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