Watercolor Eglise Notre-Dame Des Victoires - QuebecI found this painting today at a thrift store for $5. It’s 18″x24″. The watercolor looks real under my 30x loupe. Part of me thinks the ink part was might have been printed, and then painted with watercolor afterward. I can’t tell. But for $5, I took a chance. There is something written after “Quebec”, but it is faded. I looked at it under a UV light, and it is more visible. I still can’t make out what it says. Looks like it starts with an M and ends with an H. Maybe the artist’s signature? I took it out of the frame and there was nothing on the back except a couple paint splatters. I don’t see the artist’s name anywhere else on the painting.

Here is the writing after the word Quebec, under UV light. I also tweaked the contrast and brightness of the image to make it stand out more. Anybody else have any ideas what it says?Eglise -Notre-Dame Des Victoires Quebec Signature