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Bronna A Butler watercolor painting of potted plants on window sill

While on my way to karate class, I stopped at the Goodwill store and found this painting. It was matted and wrapped in plastic. It only cost $2. The painting was signed B. A. Butler. But on the cardboard backing board was the name Bronna Butler. The painting is watercolor on heavy paper. It was not lined up in the mat very well. I opened it up and found the painting scotch taped to the backing board. I removed the scotch tape and will replace the cardboard with foam core board. I will also use proper hinge tape. I may or may not reuse the mat. I also found what looks like a thumb tack hole in the painting. I carefully pressed it closed so it is less visible. The painting is on 9.5″ x 13″ paper. Though the visible area after matting will be about 8.5″ x 12″.
I did a search on Bronna Butler and found the New Jersey arist has been involved in creating artwork related to September 11 including a painting to raise money, and she designed a 9/11 memorial located in Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, N.J. She was also involved in restoring stained glass windows from Sacred Heart Church in Vailsburg, Newark that will be used at Maryrest Chapel Mausoleum in Mahwah, as well as creating new art.

L. Wardown painting of lynx

I saw this at the Salvation Army store near my work. I mostly see the same prints in there all the time. I saw this, and snapped a photo and went back to work. I couldn’t find anything about the artist, who’s name is signed as L. Wardown. The painting is also dated 2/75 (February 1975). It was just very interesting, and it only cost $2. Hard to go wrong for $2. So I went back after work and bought it. I like the style of how the lynx is painted.

Anne Beswick painting of daisies in a glass vase

I found this painting of daisies in a clear glass vase at a Goodwill for $4. It is paint, not sure if acrylic or oil, with detail added with pen. The artist’s name is Anne Beswick. The painting is on canvas covered cardboard and measures 8″ x 10″ It came in a decent frame. I haven’t been able to find anything about the artist.

Pablo Picasso Print Of Bouquet Of Flowers With Hands
I am not sure about this print. I found it at a Savers thrift store for $5. I have a nice Picasso serigraph, and thought this might be another one. I didn’t do any research before I bought it. But when I started doing searches for pictures by Picasso of flowers with hands, I found a bunch of images of a picture very similar to this one, but with bright colors. I mean the flowers were red, yellow, orange and purple. This picture is almost indentical, but the colors are different. I thought that it might be a print of that picture but VERY faded. But no. The shapes of the flowers and petals are almost identical except the top-most flower. The shape of the flower center is slightly different than the other pictures I found. Maybe it is a variation of the well known picture? I am thinking more likely that someone copied the original picture and reduced the colors for screen printing or something. Maybe a school project or something? No idea. At worst I got a nice frame.

Lena Nyerges watercolor painting of summer day with trees and children
I found this painting at a Salvation Army store for $4. The artist’s name is Lena Nyerges. I found a Lena Nyerges lived in the Rochester area, but passed away in 2007. I am guessing she was the artist. The painting is watercolor and measures about 10.5″ x 14″. It seems to be a nice summer day with trees, green grass, flowers, hourse and couple children. It was nicely framed and matted and cost $4.

J. Roybal painting of little girl dancers
I found this painting at a Goodwill. I was a little leery of buying it. It seemed like it was maybe a mass produced factory type decorative type painting. But I snapped a photo. I did a search on the artist J. Roybal, and found a bunch of mentions. I have found some websites that have J Roybal as Joyce Roybal. But I am not finding a lot of solid information for that name either. Still not positive J Roybal is an actual person and not a group painting under the name. Here is some info I found:

J Roybal is a multitalented artist who has been highly influenced by The work of Boulanger. His style of color and balance of characters in his paintings reflects a wide range of styles, ranging from musical statements of children learning to play instruments, to sports, involving children at play with polo and football, allowing his audience to capture a pure moment of innocence and celebration of being a child. His main theme throughout his work underlines the essence of music and play, and the role it has throughout many of life’s many encounters. At times his work is very textured giving it an old world feeling with a contemporary theme, while at other times his use of color is very graphic, going from muted tones to very bright and bold. Some refer to his images as “Puffy People”.
Roybal began painting at the age of 18 and continued throughout his life in Italy, painting children at play in many of the towns and villages that he frequented. “Coming to the United States was quite and experience” quotes Roybal, ” Many of the towns and villages in Europe are quite different from the city scapes in the United States and the backdrop of the children at play has changed quite significantly.” Roybal currently resides in upstate New York where he continues his work surrounded by his three children and wife of 25 years.
Roybal’s paintings may be found in fine galleries throughout the United States and Europe as well as South America. ”

Who knows. It only cost me $4. The painting is on canvas and measures 16″ x 20″. I believe it is oil. It shows three little girls dancing.

Unknown artist acrylic painting of vibrant flowers

I found this painting at a Goodwill for $8. There is no artist signature on the front.  It was very nicely matted and framed, but there was a stain at the bottom of the mat from water. I debated about buying it, but I really liked the vibrant colors. I bought it and brought it home.
The painting measures about 12.5 inches by 24.5 inches. It seems to be of flowers along a path leading to water. Impressionist? Post impressionist? Expressionist?
From the sticker on the back, the painting had been “professionally” framed. But when I took the painting out of the frame, the mat had been taped all the way around to the backing board with heavy duty double backed tape, with strips along the edges. I ripped off the mat, and found the painting which was on heavy card stock, appeared to be glued or taped with even more heavy duty double backed tape to some more card stock which was then taped to the backing board. I had been hoping to look at the back of the painting to see if it was signed. but I doubted I could remove it without damaging or destroying the painting. I cut a new mat, cleaned the glass, then put it all back together. I will never use that framing company!

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