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Anne Taylor watercolor painting of yellow, pink and purple flowers in a vase

We were in Buffalo visiting the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and stopped at a thrift store that I missed on my visit last week. I found this water color painting. It came matted, but with no frame. It only cost $2. The artist is Anne Taylor. There is a post it note on the back saying she is a native of Jamestown, NY. The painting measures about 14″ x 19″.
I found an Anne Taylor that was an artist and lived in Jamestown, NY. She was born in 1914, and passed away in 2003. Not sure this is the same Anne Taylor, but it might be. I read that her daughter donated some of her artwork to the Salamanca Historical Society. So if I get down that way, and remember, I might be able to check it out. If they have it on a display anyway.

Julia Banks Bryce watercolor painting of white lilies
I bought this watercolor painting today at a thrift store for $2. The painting is signed Julia Bryce, but the artist’s full name is on the back as Julia Banks Bryce. There is what looks like a title written on the back as “Pink”. But the flowers in the painting appear white. Maybe they had been pink flowers and faded? The painting is matted and framed with about 5.5″ x 8″ visible through the opening of the mat. My wife liked this painting, so I bought it. She likes lilies. Kind of hard to go wrong for $2.

Martha Sweeney painting of yellow flowers
I found this painting yesterday at a Volunteers Of America thrift store for $10. But I didn’t buy it then. I thought about it, and then went back today and bought it. It is painted on a 16″ x 20″ stretched canvas with what I believe is acrylic paint. The artist is Martha S. Sweeney who is a local artist, and also teaches painting. The painting is nicely framed. I am not sure what kind of flowers these are.

SGJ watercolor painting of winter cottage
I found this watercolor painting yesterday at a Salvation Army thrift store in Buffalo. It cost $7. The painting measures about 10.5″ x 14.5″. It is a nice winter scene with a small cottage. The painting is signed simply with the initials SGJ and dated 12/91 in lower right corner. The signature looks familiar, like I have seen it before. Maybe I saw this same painting here when I was here a few months ago. Not sure why I didn’t buy it before. Maybe it was priced higher. Or maybe I saw a different painting by the same artist. The style of the printing of the signature reminds me of something someone trained in drafting might do. I have not been able to find anything about the artist. The painting was nicely framed and matted.

Signature from SGJ watercolor painting

T.C. Chiu watercolor painting of woman on a bridge
I found this painting yesterday at a Habitat For Humanity thrift store in Buffalo. It cost me only $12. The painting measures about 17.5″ x 23.5″. The painting is signed T.C. Chiu. I did a search and found the artist’s name is Tan Chun Chiu. He has a studio in Pine Brook. I don’t know the age of the painting other than it was mostly likely done prior to 1997 when Pine Brook was still in the 201 area code. My search showed there are many prints available of T.C. Chiu’s paintings, but mine is an original! Sweet! It was done in watercolor.
T.C. Chiu studied art in China and then came to the United States in 1974. There is an address label stuck to the back of the painting with his studio location at 4 Parkway Drive, Pine Brook, NJ 07058. I don’t know if he is still at that location. I know he is still in Pine Brook.

Close up of T.C. Chiu signature

Address label on back of T.C. Chiu watercolor painting

S.C.H. watercolor painting of lonely man by the sea
I found this painting today at a thrift store for $5. It is very nicely double matted and framed. It is watercolor on paper, and the painting itself measures about 8″ x 10.5″. It is signed with what looks like the initials “SCH”. And it is dated “11-25-04″. On the back of the mat I found the name Harris along with sizing numbers. So maybe the name of the artist is Harris, or maybe that was the person having the painting framed? It was frame at a store named “Frames, Etc” in Waco, Texas. To me. the painting seems to be of a man, or boy on a beach with the ocean behind him. It’s very blue and dark. His shoulders seem slumped and maybe his head is hanging down a bit. It’s just him and his reflection or shadow on the ground. He seems alone. It was just very interesting.

S.C.H. signature from watercolor painting of lonely man by the sea

Arlene Miller watercolor painting Cape May New Jersey
This painting has been at the one thrift store for months. It was priced at $16. But I didn’t want to pay $16 for it. I knew if I waited until the green tags went on sale, I could get it for half price. Well I missed the green tag sale the first time it came around. But it came around again, and I got it this time for $8. It’s very nicely frame. The painting is a watercolor by a local artist named Arlene Miller. I came close to buying another of her paintings at a different thrift store, but hesitated and missed out. There is a label on the back of the painting stating this is Cape May, New Jersey. The painting is about 8″ x 10″.

Pat Rechlin monotype "Sarong"
I found this picture at the Goodwill store near my house. It cost me $1.50. It’s actually the first monotype that I have bought. Did a search on the artist Pat Rechlin, and found she is local to me in Pittsford, NY. From her website, it looks like she mostly does monoprint and monotype style artwork. She describes her style as abstract-impressionism. The picture is signed, titled and dated in pencil. It was done in 2001 and is titled “Sarong”. It came nicely framed and matted. The picture measures about 5″ x 7″.

Marcia Wilson silk screen "Cat Nap"
I found this picture at a local Goodwill store. It cost me only $1.50. After doing a search on Marcia Wilson, I found her website. She has done a bunch of etchings, so I thought this was an etching. But I took the back off the frame and found a note written in pencil on the back that said “This is an original silk screen MW 12/92″. So it’s not an etching, but a silk screen. It is on paper and measures about 5″ x 6″. It was cheaply matted and framed. My wife liked the picture. It’s signed and titled in pencil. Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson lives in Leonia, NJ.

J. L. Gibson watercolor painting of teddy bear in dress 'Astoria'
I found this cute painting at Goodwill for $5. It was drawn out in pencil and painted over with watercolor. It is signed and titled in pencil. The artist signature looks like it is “j.l. gibson”. The title of the painting is “Astoria”. I haven’t been able to find anything out about the artist though. The painting was nicely matted and framed. The exposed part of the painting in the mat is 14″ x 18″. The painting was just very cute and whimsical. And all the interesting little details. The parrot, flowers, lamp, teacup, etc. The bear seems to be holding a book. Are the flowers on the floor wrapped in newspaper? It’s like a little girl was playing dressup with the bear.

J. L. Gibson signature from watercolor painting 'Astoria'

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