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Wiebel Acrylic Painting Of Scarecrow In A Tornado

I found this painting yesterday at a Goodwill for $3. It’s just a very cool painting. There is a wildness to it. It has lots of texture to it. I think it might have been painted with a palette knife. The artists name is tricky to read. He seems to have combined several letters together. I THINK the last name is Wiebel. But it might be Niebel. The the first two initials MIGHT be “R.A.”, but they could be “D.A.” or “P.A.” If I had to decide, I would lean towards “R.A. Wiebel”. I haven’t been able to find anything for artists by any of those names. The painting is dated 1967 so it’s 45 years old. It measures 24″ x 30″. Heck, the frame was worth $3. As I was checking out at the Goodwill, I showed another couple the painting. They laughed. I think they thought I was crazy for buying it. LOL!

Wiebel Acrylic Painting Of Scarecrow In A Tornado Signature

Andre Minaux-Woman With A Flower-Lithograph By Charles Sorlier

I found this print at a Goodwill store for $7. From researching on the net, I believe it is a lithograph by Charles Sorlier of a picture by Andre Minaux (French, 1923 – 1986). It came nicely matted and frame. The picture itself is about 19″ x 29″.
I found a couple other similar pictures  while searching google. The have the same picture up top, but have printing in the solid colored area at the bottom. The description of those mention “Mourlot”. So it is possible this print may have been  produced at the Mourlot Studios in Paris. I see no signature or numbers, though I have no idea what is on the back of the print itself.

Ch. Sorlier Grav. (Charles Sorlier) printed on Andre Minaux Picture

Harris G. Strong Enamel Tile

I found this today at a local thrift store. I bought it for $9. I was kind of surprised as this thrift store has been raising the prices on art work since I started shopping there! Anyway, this is an enamel tile from the studio of Harris G. Strong. There is the sticker on the back for Harris G Strong Inc in Ellsworth Maine. It came very nicely matted and framed. I do not know for sure that this tile was done by Harris Strong himself.  I already own a painting that came from Harris G Strong Inc, so I was familiar with his studio. He had a bunch of artists working there doing a variety of art. But Harris Strong did tiles. There is the word/name Strong in the lower right corner of the tile. There is no other signature that I see. There is a marking on the cardboard back, U4 or CL4. Not sure if that means anything. The tile measures anout 4″ x 5″. Not sure if that is gold. It’s pretty cool.

Harris G. Strong Enamel Tile In Frame

Oil Painting Of Two Ducks On Table

I found this painting at a thrift store today. Actually I saw it there last week, but I bought it today. It only cost $1.98. The price was written in grease pen on the front in the upper left corner (gggrrrrr). I managed to rub it off with a rag. If you look close up you can still see where it was. This painting is old, or made to look old. Not sure. It is an oil painting and there are small cracks in the paint as if it were old. The painting is on thin board, I think plywood. The painting is of two ducks as if brought home from a duck hunt and left on a wood table. For $2, I took a chance on it. It seems old. It measure 18.5″ x 24.5″. There is no signature. The back is just painted black. There seems to be a shadow of a ducks head just below the lower ducks head. Is this a painted shadow, or did the artist move the head? Anyway, they are dead ducks.

Painting of Expressionist Flowers In A Vase by Henry

I don’t know much about this one. I believe it is an oil painting. It painted on a thin piece of board/panel, I would call it expressionist, but I am not an expert. It was just interesting and in only cost $1 at a Salvation Army store. The painting is simply signed Henry.

Sabra Richards Serigraph of Orchid
I found this nice little signed/numbered serigraph of an orchid at an Salvation Army store for $1. The artist’s name is Sabra Richards.  I normally limit myself to originals, but thiis was interesting. It has a piece of paper sewn to the paper and is printed over. This is number 13 of 85. I also like orchids. The picture came nicely matted and framed. The picture is about 4″ x 6″.

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