Wiebel Acrylic Painting Of Scarecrow In A Tornado

I found this painting yesterday at a Goodwill for $3. It’s just a very cool painting. There is a wildness to it. It has lots of texture to it. I think it might have been painted with a palette knife. The artists name is tricky to read. He seems to have combined several letters together. I THINK the last name is Wiebel. But it might be Niebel. The the first two initials MIGHT be “R.A.”, but they could be “D.A.” or “P.A.” If I had to decide, I would lean towards “R.A. Wiebel”. I haven’t been able to find anything for artists by any of those names. The painting is dated 1967 so it’s 45 years old. It measures 24″ x 30″. Heck, the frame was worth $3. As I was checking out at the Goodwill, I showed another couple the painting. They laughed. I think they thought I was crazy for buying it. LOL!

Wiebel Acrylic Painting Of Scarecrow In A Tornado Signature