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Willie Lee Atkyns oil painting "Old Sentinel Tree" Dismal Swamp, VA

I found this painting today at a Savers thrift store for $15. The painting is oil on board and measures 27″ x 19″. The painting is signed ATKYNS, but the artist’s name is on the back as Lee Atkyns. The painting isn’t dated that I see. It had to be painted before 1968. He was also known as Willie Lee Atkyns Jr. Atkyns was born in 1913, in Washington, D.C. and passed away in 1987, in Duncansville, PA. He had his debut as an artist in 1941 in New York. In 1945 he started teaching at a school he established in Washington, DC. He won many awards, and had his artwork displayed in museums, galleries and public buildings. The painting came in a what looks like a pretty old frame.
This painting was apparently exhibited at the Academy Gallery at 102 East Franklin St, Richmond VA, on April 9th (year unknown). Atkyns lists his address as 4712 Wisconsin Ave, Washington D.C.. So it had to have been painted prior to 1968 when he moved to Puzzletown, PA.
Also written on the bottom back of the frame is “Lull Before The Storm”, but I think this may have been from a previous painting.

Exhibit card from Willie Lee Atkyns oil painting "Old Sentinel Tree" Dismal Swamp, VA

Harris G Strong Enamel Tile With Two White Ducks

I saw this in the thrift store last Friday priced at $15. But I knew that if I waited till Monday, I could get it for 25% off, IF it was still that. I was at the store Monday morning when they opened and luckily, it was still there. So I got it for $11.25. This is a ceramic tile from the factory of Harris G Strong. The tile is about 6″ X 6″ and came matted and framed. It’s not visibly signed, but there is a sticker on the back for his factory “STRONG – Harris G. Strong Incorporated. Bar Harbor Rd., Ellsworth, Maine 04605.” On the back is written “HS 134.” This is the third Harris G. Strong piece i have bought. the second tile. Not sure if this tile was actually created by Strong himself. It’s not one of the early pieces.

Marie L Allen still life watercolor painting

I found this painting at a Goodwill for $12. The painting is signed MLA 08. The artist’s full name is written on the back as Marie L. Allen. It is was probably done in 2008. It’s done in watercolor, but it looks like it possibly might have been touched up with acrylic paint. Not sure what kind of flowers those are in the vase. Maybe lilies of some sort. The fruit in the bowl look like pears. Then there is the bottle and the tea pot. Fairly common still life items. The painting measures 22″ x 27″.  It also came matted and framed, though the mat could probably be replaced.

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