Unknown artist acrylic painting of vibrant flowers

I found this painting at a Goodwill for $8. There is no artist signature on the front.  It was very nicely matted and framed, but there was a stain at the bottom of the mat from water. I debated about buying it, but I really liked the vibrant colors. I bought it and brought it home.
The painting measures about 12.5 inches by 24.5 inches. It seems to be of flowers along a path leading to water. Impressionist? Post impressionist? Expressionist?
From the sticker on the back, the painting had been “professionally” framed. But when I took the painting out of the frame, the mat had been taped all the way around to the backing board with heavy duty double backed tape, with strips along the edges. I ripped off the mat, and found the painting which was on heavy card stock, appeared to be glued or taped with even more heavy duty double backed tape to some more card stock which was then taped to the backing board. I had been hoping to look at the back of the painting to see if it was signed. but I doubted I could remove it without damaging or destroying the painting. I cut a new mat, cleaned the glass, then put it all back together. I will never use that framing company!