Alida Ali Meyer Watercolor Painting of Pink Flowers in a Vase

I found this painting today at the Goodwill thrift store near my work. It only cost $4. The painting measures about 13″ x 14″. It also came framed. I will probably need to reframe it in a larger frame and mat as it looks like the painting is in contact with the glass. It’s signed simply Ali.
After seeing another painting in a thrift store signed by Alida Meyer that I found interesting, I did a search on the artist. I found that she goes by Alida ‘Ali’ Meyer. And her current painting are signed simply Ali. And the signatures seem to match. So this painting was apparently done by Alida Ali Meyer. It also mayb not be watercolor at all. According to some information about her, she apparently thins acyrlic paint to the consistancy of watercolor paint. She is from Pittsford, NY and does “semi-abstract to very abstract” paintings.

Ali Watercolor Painting of Pink Flowers in a Vase signature