Bronna A Butler watercolor painting of potted plants on window sill

While on my way to karate class, I stopped at the Goodwill store and found this painting. It was matted and wrapped in plastic. It only cost $2. The painting was signed B. A. Butler. But on the cardboard backing board was the name Bronna Butler. The painting is watercolor on heavy paper. It was not lined up in the mat very well. I opened it up and found the painting scotch taped to the backing board. I removed the scotch tape and will replace the cardboard with foam core board. I will also use proper hinge tape. I may or may not reuse the mat. I also found what looks like a thumb tack hole in the painting. I carefully pressed it closed so it is less visible. The painting is on 9.5″ x 13″ paper. Though the visible area after matting will be about 8.5″ x 12″.
I did a search on Bronna Butler and found the New Jersey arist has been involved in creating artwork related to September 11 including a painting to raise money, and she designed a 9/11 memorial located in Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, N.J. She was also involved in restoring stained glass windows from Sacred Heart Church in Vailsburg, Newark that will be used at Maryrest Chapel Mausoleum in Mahwah, as well as creating new art.