Carole A. Battle watercolor of yellow flowers with frame

Carole A. Battle watercolor of yellow flowers
I found this original watercolor painting today at one of the thrift stores near my work. The artist’s name is Carole A. Battle who is a local artist who is nationally acclaimed. The painting of yellow flowers, cost me $25. A little more than I like to spend on my thrift store art, but it is professionally framed and matted, and as I said the artist is nationally known. And I liked the painting. The painting is about 11.5″ x 20.5″, with the frame being about 23″ x 30″. I am not sure what kind of flowers they are. Roses? Dandelions? Daisies? Maybe it doesn’t matter?
Besides this original painting, I found a couple smaller prints by Carole Battle as well. But I didn’t buy them.
I was looking through the website of Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery and found that they have one of Carole A Battle’s pieces in their collection. The piece is titled Harvest Moon and is dated 1993. The description of the piece is “etching, aquatint and embossing, 7 15/16 in. x 11 7/8 in.” and it won the 1993 Patron Print Award. Carole A Battle was born in 1940.