Caroline C. Burnett Oil Painting Paris Street Scene

I found this painting today at the Savers thrift store for $7. I originally thought the signature read Barnetti. But after searching around, I stumbled upon paintings by an artist named Caroline C. Burnett. The signature is almost identical, and the subject matter and painting style are the same. Many of the paintings have the same buildings. And people walking, though the number of people varies from picture to picture. And some have trees, and some don’t. This painting has three people and one tree. It’s an oil painting on a piece of 8″x10″ wood panel. Now as to who Burnett is, I have no idea. I found the artist’s name listed on Artfact. But googling the name, I found MANY people seem to have paintings of Paris street scenes signed BURNETT. Someone posted that they have lived in Paris, and some of the scenes are bogus. So these paintings may be painted by a group of people for tourists. Maybe they are painted in China or Mexico. The frame says “HECHO EN MEXICO”, like so many of the people’s who have Caroline Burnett paintings. Maybe she really really exists and was a prolific painter.

Caroline C. Burnett signature from Paris street scene oil painting