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Sarah Richards watercolor painting of dragonfly on grass

I found this painting today for $6.  The artist’s name is Sarah Lynn Richards. I found her web site, and much of her work are these beautiful paintings of horses. This painting measures 6″ x 15″ and came matted and framed to dimensions of  15″ x 24″. The painting was also signed on the back. Sarah Richards has a gallery in Rockland, Maine.

Marcia Wilson silk screen "Cat Nap"
I found this picture at a local Goodwill store. It cost me only $1.50. After doing a search on Marcia Wilson, I found her website. She has done a bunch of etchings, so I thought this was an etching. But I took the back off the frame and found a note written in pencil on the back that said “This is an original silk screen MW 12/92″. So it’s not an etching, but a silk screen. It is on paper and measures about 5″ x 6″. It was cheaply matted and framed. My wife liked the picture. It’s signed and titled in pencil. Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson lives in Leonia, NJ.

L. Wardown painting of lynx

I saw this at the Salvation Army store near my work. I mostly see the same prints in there all the time. I saw this, and snapped a photo and went back to work. I couldn’t find anything about the artist, who’s name is signed as L. Wardown. The painting is also dated 2/75 (February 1975). It was just very interesting, and it only cost $2. Hard to go wrong for $2. So I went back after work and bought it. I like the style of how the lynx is painted.

Ink Drawing of Horse Drawn Carriage and House by DH
I found two ink drawings by the same artist today at the Savers Thrift Store. Both are very finely detailed. This one shows a horse drawn carriage going passed houses. They are done one 8 inch x 10 inch card stock. But the drawing is only about 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches. The artist name is signed simply as DH and is dated ’79 (1979). The matting is old and a little stained, and the frames are cheap photo frames. They were priced at $3, but I got a 25% discount because she thought I was 55, so they really only cost $2.25 each.

Susan Ryan Acrylic Painting Folk Arts Gallery

I spent the day visiting all the thrift stores around the Buffalo, NY area. I found this painting at a Goodwill for $12. I had to look at it VERY close under my 30x loupe. It was just so nicely done I thought it must be a print. But I could see the paint had texture. I wondered if it might be a screen print. But I decided it wasn’t when I fould a tiny brush stroke. I thought it was acrylic, but I found the artist and she said it was gouache, pen and ink. The painting is by Susan Ryan, and is of a Folk Arts Gallery in Santa Fe, NM which the artist visited in 1986-7. There is a cat out front walking on the fence. It is dated 1987. It must have taken a while to paint as the the paint strokes are all so tiny. She must have a very steady hand with tiny little brushes. The painting is 12″ x 15″, and was nicely double mattted and framed.
Susan Ryan has a website at

Ricardo Sacristan Watercolor Santillana Del Mar (Santander, Spain)

I spent my lunch hour in a thrift store near my work looking for books. But while I was there, I checked for paintings. I had just been in there a couple days ago, found nothing. I have been in this store many times, and am used to seeing pretty much the same cheap prints all the time. But today I got lucky and found two nice paintings. I thought this painting may have been painted in Mexico by the look of it. I bought it for $10.96. I couldn’t read the signature as it was partially covered by the matting. I removed the painting from the frame and was able to see the whole signature. But I still couldn’t read it.

Ricardo Sacristan Watercolor Santillana Del Mar signature
Fortunately, there was writing on the back of the painting. The artist’s name is Ricardo Sacristan and I found him listed on several art sites. He was born in 1921 and died in 1981 and lived in Spain. Apparently the title of the painting is Santillana Del Mar (Santander) which is the town freatured in the painting. It is watercolor on board. The painting measures 14″ x 20″. It’s an interesting painting. I am not sure when it was painted. The scene in the painting apears to show chickens, a donkey or burro, and it looks like dirt and weeds. I found a photo of the town, and this whole area is paved with stones or bricks. So maybe when it was painted, it wasn’t. Or the artist painted it how it might have been before.
Ricardo Sacristan Watercolor Santillana Del Mar (Santander, Spain) label

Pastel West Highland White Terrier with frame
I visited a Salvation Army store across town that I haven’t looked for paintings at before. They didn’t have a lot, but I found this pastel painting of a West Highland White Terrier (Westie). The frame is pretty nice, and the painting only cost me $5. I am guessing it was a custom painting of someone’s pet, but I don’t know. My inlaws have a Westie. They might like the painting. The painting measures 16″ x 20″. I can’t read the signature other than it starts with a M. Maybe “Mischa W”? Misuha? Dunno. It’s dated ’88 though. Cute dog!
Pastel West Highland White Terrier
Pastel West Highland White Terrier signature-I can't read it...

Scott J McLean/McLohn/Mclehn Oil Painting Eye Of An Elephant
I had seen this painting in the thrift shop for weeks. I thought it was some weird abstract. To be honest, it was probably not oriented like this, but was placed on it’s side, or even upside down for all I know. But on my visit to the thrift shop yesterday, I looked at it from a little ways a away and I saw it. Up close it looks like some wierd design. But when I stood back, I saw it was the eye of an elephant. How cool! I still didn’t buy it. But I kept thinking about it, and showed a snapshot of it to my wife and she liked it. So I went back today and bought it. It only cost $3 plus the gas I used to go buy it (the thrift shop is a little over 10 miles from my house).
The painting is 16″x20″ on canvas and I believe it is oil. I can see little cracks in the paint from drying. The signature is Scott J McL-something. It looks like McLohn, but could be McLehn or McLean or even something else. And it is dated 07.Scott J McLean/McLohn/Mclehn Oil Painting Eye Of An Elephant signature
Scott J McLean/McLohn/Mclehn Oil Painting Eye Of An Elephant signature
It appears this was painted over something else. I can see some patterns under the paint and a little color showing through the cracks in the paint.

Marg Stelzle Painting Winter Sleigh Ride with frame
I actually bought this painting for the frame. It seems like it is pretty old. I am thinking of playing around with restoring the frame. It only cost $10. The painting is signed Marg Stelzle. It’s 16″ x 20″ and I believe it’s acrylic. The painting doesn’t do much for me. Like I said, I bought it for the frame.
Marg Stelzle Painting Winter Sleigh Ride close

Oil painting of child and dog
I saw this painting this weekend while out book hunting at thrift stores. I snapped a photo of it, to see if I could find any information about it, or the artist. I thought it was priced at $19.99, but when I looked the photos, I saw it was only $9.99. So I went back today and bought it. For only $10, I think it was a great deal. It’s an 20″x24″ oil painting of a child (a little girl I think) holding a fishing rod and what looks like a trout. She has her  cute little dog with her. It looks like a Spaniel. Maybe a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
Oil painting of child and dog close up
I am not sure what the artist’s name is. It looks like the first initial is a “C”. The last name looks like it might be something like Mamilltz, Mamillts, Mamillty, Mauillty, Mawiutz, Mawiuty or Mauillts. I don’t know. I have googled variations of the name and didn’t find anything.
Oil painting of child and dog-signatureI don’t know the age of the painting. There is a business card (that looks kind of old) stapled to the back. It looks like it was sold at Artists Showroom Facing The Harbor in Port Jefferson, NY (which is down on Long Island). I did a search and couldn’t find any information about this place, so I am guessing they are probably long out of business.


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