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R. Thornton Watercolor/Gouache Painting Of Cottage and Girl With Ducks

I found this painting while visiting thrift stores in Buffalo, NY. At first, I thought it was a print, but after looking at it with my loupe, I realized it was an original. The painting is watercolor with gouache. It is framed and matted, but the visible portion of the painting measures about 21″ x 29.5″. This painting is larger than most of the others I have seen listed as being by this artist. I haven’t  found a ton of information about the artist. What I have found suggests he is a British artist that painted from the last decade of the 1800’s through early 1900’s. So this painting could be 100 years old. The painting was priced at $25. But due to the color of the tag was half off, so I only paid $12.50 plus tax. I have found listings of his paintings being sold at auction on one site for up to $875. And found one of his paintings sold at Christie’s, East for $2000.

Harris G Strong Enamel Tile With Two White Ducks

I saw this in the thrift store last Friday priced at $15. But I knew that if I waited till Monday, I could get it for 25% off, IF it was still that. I was at the store Monday morning when they opened and luckily, it was still there. So I got it for $11.25. This is a ceramic tile from the factory of Harris G Strong. The tile is about 6″ X 6″ and came matted and framed. It’s not visibly signed, but there is a sticker on the back for his factory “STRONG – Harris G. Strong Incorporated. Bar Harbor Rd., Ellsworth, Maine 04605.” On the back is written “HS 134.” This is the third Harris G. Strong piece i have bought. the second tile. Not sure if this tile was actually created by Strong himself. It’s not one of the early pieces.

I found this painting at a Savers thrift store for $7. It is a watercolor painting and was matted and framed. There is a no name on the painting that I could find. I even removed the painting from the frame to check. The painting is on paper and measures 11″ x 14″. The birds in the painting look like ducks to me, but they could be geese. With the look of the trees, they are flying south for the winter.

K. Wolf Webb Watercolor Painting Summer Egret 1968
I went out for a bike ride at lunch from work. I stopped in at a couple thrift stores including a Goodwill store. I found this painting which I really liked. But I had forgotten my loupe, so I wasn’t sure if it was an original, or a print. Looking at it, I thought it was an original. It looked like pencil parks among the watercolor paint. So I rode back to work, changed clothes, and headed back to the Goodwill hoping the painting was still there. It was. I looked at it under the loupe, and sure enough, it wasn’t a print. Yay! I bought it for $18.  On the front written in pencil is the the title of the painting “Summer Egret”, along with the artist’s signature K Wolf Webb and a date 1968. Pretty cool that this painting is almost 45 years old.  The card on the back lists the artist’s name as K Wolf Webb from Charlotte, NC. There is a price listed of $400 plus $50 for the frame. The painting is 21 inches by 29 inches. Great deal! I contacted the artist whose full name is Katherine Wolf Webb. She painted this in 1968 as part of a series of paintings of egrets for a show at Boston College. I really like this painting. It is among my favorite thrift store art finds!

Marcile E. Stalter painting of sea gulls, floats on a dock and a boat

I found this painting today at a Goodwill store. It was price at $4.99, but it had a purple tag, so it was half off and only cost me $2.50. The colors are actually brighter than the photo shows. The painting is signed Marcile E. Stalter. I found an artist named Marcile Stalter listed on the net, though some references list a middle name of Weist. I haven’t been able to find any examples of that artists paintings to see if they are similar. The painting came nicely framed and double matted. The painting is small measuring 6″ x 10″ inside the mat.

Oil Painting Of Two Ducks On Table

I found this painting at a thrift store today. Actually I saw it there last week, but I bought it today. It only cost $1.98. The price was written in grease pen on the front in the upper left corner (gggrrrrr). I managed to rub it off with a rag. If you look close up you can still see where it was. This painting is old, or made to look old. Not sure. It is an oil painting and there are small cracks in the paint as if it were old. The painting is on thin board, I think plywood. The painting is of two ducks as if brought home from a duck hunt and left on a wood table. For $2, I took a chance on it. It seems old. It measure 18.5″ x 24.5″. There is no signature. The back is just painted black. There seems to be a shadow of a ducks head just below the lower ducks head. Is this a painted shadow, or did the artist move the head? Anyway, they are dead ducks.

J. L. Gibson watercolor painting of teddy bear in dress 'Astoria'
I found this cute painting at Goodwill for $5. It was drawn out in pencil and painted over with watercolor. It is signed and titled in pencil. The artist signature looks like it is “j.l. gibson”. The title of the painting is “Astoria”. I haven’t been able to find anything out about the artist though. The painting was nicely matted and framed. The exposed part of the painting in the mat is 14″ x 18″. The painting was just very cute and whimsical. And all the interesting little details. The parrot, flowers, lamp, teacup, etc. The bear seems to be holding a book. Are the flowers on the floor wrapped in newspaper? It’s like a little girl was playing dressup with the bear.

J. L. Gibson signature from watercolor painting 'Astoria'

Ink Drawing of Sailboat on Water With Gulls by DH
I found two ink drawings by the same artist today at the Savers Thrift Store. Both are very finely detailed. This one shows a sailboat moored, and gulls flying. They are done one 8 inch x 10 inch card stock. But the drawing is only about 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches. The artist name is signed simply as DH and is dated ’79 (1979). The matting is old and a little stained, and the frames are cheap photo frames. They were priced at $3, but I got a 25% discount because she thought I was 55, so they really only cost $2.25 each.


J Carbone Charcoal Drawing of Two Sandpipers Flying Over Ocean Shore

I found this charcoal drawing today at the Savers Thrift Store. It was priced at $4.99, but the cashier gave me a 25% discount, with tax it cost just over $4. Afterwards I figured out that she thought I was a senior (55+). LOL I guess I am cheaper than I am vane. The drawing is signed J. Carbone. The two birds I believe are sandpipers. At least going through my bird book, that is what they look like. The drawing measures about 9″ x 12″ and came matted and framed.

Picasso Serigraph of Eagle
I had seen this Picasso picture in the thrift store a few days ago. I generally don’t buy prints, but I liked it, and the framing job was done nicely. I originally thought it was an owl. When I got home, I searched google trying to find Picasso drawings of owls and birds, and mostly found dove pictures. I went back and snapped a photo of the picture, and then tried looking it up again. I decided it looked more like an eagle. I finally found one other example of this picture. It was a Goodwill auction for an unframed picture. It was described as a serigraph. When I went back to the store and took a closer look at the picture under my loupe, I could see the slightly raised ink. I figured out this was a serigraph (or screen printed picture). The picture is about 8″ x 8″ on paper. It’s done by Pablo Picasso and was dated 3.4.54 (3/4/1954). The bird in the picture looks like an eagle to me, but might be some other type of bird. I don’t know how old this print is, but the paper looks older with a slight tan tint to it. It was priced at $19.99, but was half off, so only cost me $10. The unframed picture in the Goodwill auction sold for $128.
I later found another one of these on an auction page described ‘pen and ink drawing of an eagle, 1954.  Signed “Picasso”, lower right, dated 3.4.54 upper right. Sight: 9  1/2″ x 7 1/2″‘ with an estimate of $800, but it was marked as *WITHDRAWN*. My guess is they figured out it wasn’t an original pen an ink drawing. Though $800 seems low for an original pen & ink drawing by Picasso.

This is information came from one of my readers (Thank you Janie!):
A company called Haloid Xerox worked to develop a photocopier and finally introduced the 914 to the market in New York City on September 16, 1959. This company, by 1961, changed its name to Xerox Corporation.

In 1963 Xerox put forth a commercial ad campaign to promote sales of the model 914. Xerox sent out copies of the owl/eagle drawing using the 914, to prospective buyers to show how realistic the copies could be. These reproductions were printed on “tan parchment-like paper”. Then the give-away copies were printed on plain paper.

In the past few years, some people have called this an owl – but I agree with you and the others on the web site, to describe it as an American eagle. Xerox called it an owl, but whether the ad person from New York knew the difference, who knows?
A copy of the ad can be seen here:–Which-is-the-Picasso_p_58488.html

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