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Marcile E. Stalter painting of sea gulls, floats on a dock and a boat

I found this painting today at a Goodwill store. It was price at $4.99, but it had a purple tag, so it was half off and only cost me $2.50. The colors are actually brighter than the photo shows. The painting is signed Marcile E. Stalter. I found an artist named Marcile Stalter listed on the net, though some references list a middle name of Weist. I haven’t been able to find any examples of that artists paintings to see if they are similar. The painting came nicely framed and double matted. The painting is small measuring 6″ x 10″ inside the mat.

Ink Drawing of Sailboat on Water With Gulls by DH
I found two ink drawings by the same artist today at the Savers Thrift Store. Both are very finely detailed. This one shows a sailboat moored, and gulls flying. They are done one 8 inch x 10 inch card stock. But the drawing is only about 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches. The artist name is signed simply as DH and is dated ’79 (1979). The matting is old and a little stained, and the frames are cheap photo frames. They were priced at $3, but I got a 25% discount because she thought I was 55, so they really only cost $2.25 each.


Sam Elton painting of boat docked on rough water

I found this painting at a Goodwill store for $3. I think it is oil with detail added with pencil. It shows a boat tied to the dock, and the water is pretty rough. There is a house on the hill in the background. There is also a person up there. The painting is signed Sam Elton. It measures about 9.75″ x 11″. It is not dated, but seems to be old. I would guess at 60’s or earlier, but that is just a guess.

Oil Painting of House on a Pond by Walt

I found this and another painting today for $5 at the Savers store near my work. I think it is an oil painting, but it might be acrylic. It’s a small painting done on an 8″ x 10″ canvas. The scene is a house on a pond with a small boat and what looks like a water wheel. The painting is signed simply Walt.

J Moulin ink drawing of boats
I found this drawing at a thrift store about a week ago for $4. The signature looks like it is “J Moulin”. Not 100% positive on the last name though. It is also dated 1964. It was framed and matted, though the frame and mat could both be better. I haven’t been able to find anything about the artist. The drawing seems to be ink on paper and is about 10″ x 10″.

Carl Burrows Acyrlic Painting of Fishermen in a Boat On The Ocean

I bought this and another painting each for $10 at a thrift store that is going out of business. Not sure where they are getting the paintings, but new ones keep showing up occasionally. They must have stuff stored away. I keep checking back. This painting was done with acrylic paint on an 18×24 piece of canvas covered cardboard. The artist’s name is signed as Carl Burrows and it is dated 71. It shows two fishermen in a row boat in the ocean surf.

Conrow Painting Boats On Lake At Sunset
I found two paintings by Conrow at the Savers thrift store near my work. I don’t know the artist’s full name. I searched around for artists named Conrow, but the ones I found seemed to very different than these. So I am guessing this is a local artist. I saw the paintings yesterday, but didn’t buy them. I snapped photos so I could do some research, and also think about them. I showed the photos to my wife, and she liked this painting. The paintings were only $7 each, so I decided to buy them. Interestingly, this painting photographs very well and almost looks better than in person. The painting is 15″x30″ and is painted on canvas board. I am guessing it is acrylic paint. This painting is dated 1971.

Conrow Painting Boats On Lake At Sunset signature

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