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R. Thornton Watercolor/Gouache Painting Of Cottage and Girl With Ducks

I found this painting while visiting thrift stores in Buffalo, NY. At first, I thought it was a print, but after looking at it with my loupe, I realized it was an original. The painting is watercolor with gouache. It is framed and matted, but the visible portion of the painting measures about 21″ x 29.5″. This painting is larger than most of the others I have seen listed as being by this artist. I haven’t  found a ton of information about the artist. What I have found suggests he is a British artist that painted from the last decade of the 1800’s through early 1900’s. So this painting could be 100 years old. The painting was priced at $25. But due to the color of the tag was half off, so I only paid $12.50 plus tax. I have found listings of his paintings being sold at auction on one site for up to $875. And found one of his paintings sold at Christie’s, East for $2000.

Lena Nyerges watercolor painting of summer day with trees and children
I found this painting at a Salvation Army store for $4. The artist’s name is Lena Nyerges. I found a Lena Nyerges lived in the Rochester area, but passed away in 2007. I am guessing she was the artist. The painting is watercolor and measures about 10.5″ x 14″. It seems to be a nice summer day with trees, green grass, flowers, hourse and couple children. It was nicely framed and matted and cost $4.

J. Roybal painting of little girl dancers
I found this painting at a Goodwill. I was a little leery of buying it. It seemed like it was maybe a mass produced factory type decorative type painting. But I snapped a photo. I did a search on the artist J. Roybal, and found a bunch of mentions. I have found some websites that have J Roybal as Joyce Roybal. But I am not finding a lot of solid information for that name either. Still not positive J Roybal is an actual person and not a group painting under the name. Here is some info I found:

J Roybal is a multitalented artist who has been highly influenced by The work of Boulanger. His style of color and balance of characters in his paintings reflects a wide range of styles, ranging from musical statements of children learning to play instruments, to sports, involving children at play with polo and football, allowing his audience to capture a pure moment of innocence and celebration of being a child. His main theme throughout his work underlines the essence of music and play, and the role it has throughout many of life’s many encounters. At times his work is very textured giving it an old world feeling with a contemporary theme, while at other times his use of color is very graphic, going from muted tones to very bright and bold. Some refer to his images as “Puffy People”.
Roybal began painting at the age of 18 and continued throughout his life in Italy, painting children at play in many of the towns and villages that he frequented. “Coming to the United States was quite and experience” quotes Roybal, ” Many of the towns and villages in Europe are quite different from the city scapes in the United States and the backdrop of the children at play has changed quite significantly.” Roybal currently resides in upstate New York where he continues his work surrounded by his three children and wife of 25 years.
Roybal’s paintings may be found in fine galleries throughout the United States and Europe as well as South America. ”

Who knows. It only cost me $4. The painting is on canvas and measures 16″ x 20″. I believe it is oil. It shows three little girls dancing.

Dot Telis Pastel Milkin' Time
This the second of two paintings I bought today. I found them both at a thrift store near my work. The painting is pastel on board and is signed “D Telis”. But on the back of the painting is a small piece of the paper with the name “Dot Telis”. There was also writing on the back of the framed painting. It listed the title as Milkin’ Time. And had the artist’s name, address and phone number: “D. Telis, Angle Rd, West Seneca, NR4-3536″. With a phone number with letters like that, it had to have been painted in the 1970’s or earlier. The scene is very nice with a young girl walking from the barn in the early morning just before the sunrise. This painting cost me $8.98. It measures 20″ x 26″.

Dot Telis Pastel Milkin’ Time close up on girl

Oil painting of child and dog
I saw this painting this weekend while out book hunting at thrift stores. I snapped a photo of it, to see if I could find any information about it, or the artist. I thought it was priced at $19.99, but when I looked the photos, I saw it was only $9.99. So I went back today and bought it. For only $10, I think it was a great deal. It’s an 20″x24″ oil painting of a child (a little girl I think) holding a fishing rod and what looks like a trout. She has her  cute little dog with her. It looks like a Spaniel. Maybe a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
Oil painting of child and dog close up
I am not sure what the artist’s name is. It looks like the first initial is a “C”. The last name looks like it might be something like Mamilltz, Mamillts, Mamillty, Mauillty, Mawiutz, Mawiuty or Mauillts. I don’t know. I have googled variations of the name and didn’t find anything.
Oil painting of child and dog-signatureI don’t know the age of the painting. There is a business card (that looks kind of old) stapled to the back. It looks like it was sold at Artists Showroom Facing The Harbor in Port Jefferson, NY (which is down on Long Island). I did a search and couldn’t find any information about this place, so I am guessing they are probably long out of business.


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