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R. Thornton Watercolor/Gouache Painting Of Cottage and Girl With Ducks

I found this painting while visiting thrift stores in Buffalo, NY. At first, I thought it was a print, but after looking at it with my loupe, I realized it was an original. The painting is watercolor with gouache. It is framed and matted, but the visible portion of the painting measures about 21″ x 29.5″. This painting is larger than most of the others I have seen listed as being by this artist. I haven’t  found a ton of information about the artist. What I have found suggests he is a British artist that painted from the last decade of the 1800’s through early 1900’s. So this painting could be 100 years old. The painting was priced at $25. But due to the color of the tag was half off, so I only paid $12.50 plus tax. I have found listings of his paintings being sold at auction on one site for up to $875. And found one of his paintings sold at Christie’s, East for $2000.

Renauld painting titled After The Rain (3 panels)

Renauld painting titled After The Rain (3 panels) Renauld painting titled After The Rain (3 panels)

I bought these three paintings at a Savers thrift store. The large painting did not come in a frame. The two smaller ones were framed. The paintings are signed Renauld, and seem to be gouache on cardboard. The large painting measures 26″ x 30″. The two smaller paintings measure 26″ x 10″. I paid a little more for them than I wanted to. oh well.

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