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R. Thornton Watercolor/Gouache Painting Of Cottage and Girl With Ducks

I found this painting while visiting thrift stores in Buffalo, NY. At first, I thought it was a print, but after looking at it with my loupe, I realized it was an original. The painting is watercolor with gouache. It is framed and matted, but the visible portion of the painting measures about 21″ x 29.5″. This painting is larger than most of the others I have seen listed as being by this artist. I haven’t  found a ton of information about the artist. What I have found suggests he is a British artist that painted from the last decade of the 1800’s through early 1900’s. So this painting could be 100 years old. The painting was priced at $25. But due to the color of the tag was half off, so I only paid $12.50 plus tax. I have found listings of his paintings being sold at auction on one site for up to $875. And found one of his paintings sold at Christie’s, East for $2000.

Scalice Watercolor Painting Front Porch


I bought this painting at a Goodwill for $6. It is signed simply “Scalice”. I don’t know anything about the artist. The painting is matted and framed. The painting measures about 14″ x 20″.

Sister Mary Louise Heffernan SSJ - Watercolor Painting - Medieval Schola, Tuscany Italy

I bought this painting for $5 at a thrift store. It measures about 10″ X 14″. It’s dated 4/2003 on the back. Doing a search, the artist, Mary Louise Heffernan SSJ, is a Sister of Saint Joseph of Rochester. It was matted and framed.

Deborah Bolduc Watercolor Painting Of House On The Ocean

I found this painting at a Goodwill for $6. It’s a watercolor painting measuring 8″x 10″. It’s signed Deborah Bolduc. The painting shows part of a house in the upper corner, a sandy beach and waves crashing against the rocks.

Impressionist Painting Of House And Trees

I found this painting at a Salvation Army for $8. There is no signature. My guess is it was done as a decorative painting, or by an amateur painter. But I like it. The painting is on a 24″ x 36″ canvas and came in a frame. There is a small hole in the canvas where a nail came through from someone trying to secure the painting in the frame. Not sure if it was done in oil or acrylic.

L. Browning Watercolor Painting Buildings

I found this painting at Savers for 12 cents. It had been mismarked. I am not sure what the price was supposed to have been, but they sold it to me for the 12 cents. It came matted and framed. The artist’s name is L. Browning. There is a card on the back stating “L. Browning, Original Contemporary Art In Mixed Media Including Handmade Paper And Paper Sculpture. Commissions Available In Custom Colors, Sizes, Mats, Frames.” But unfortunately gives no more information than that. I saw another painting of what looked like a flowering cactus by the same artist at the same thrift store, but it was priced at $25.

Claudio Baretti Oil Painting Two Women On Village Street

I found this painting at a Goodwill for $5. It is either oil or acrylic on canvas. Not sure of the artists name. It looks like it is Claudio Baretti. My guess is this is one of those factory painted pieces for decorative use. But I do like the style. And for $5, what the hey. I like it.

Watercolor Painting Strathallan Hotel Lounge Watercolor Painting Strathallan Hotel Lounge Signature

I found this painting today at a Volunteers Of America for $15. It look like it has previously been priced at $30, but had been marked down. It’s a watercolor painting measuring about 16″ x 25″ and came framed and double matted. The painting is label Strathallen, but I believe it is a painting of the lounge in the Strathallan Hotel in Rochester NY, or at least an older version of the lounge. I can’t make out the signature. Maybe it is “Sweet” or “G West”? Maybe this painting was done for the hotel? The detail is very well done.

Ellie Carbone Watercolor Painting With House, Lake, Trees And Flowers

I found this painting tonight at a Goodwill store for $9. The painting is signed Ellie Carbone. She also goes by Elinor Carbone. The painting is a watercolor and measures 9″ X 13″. It came matted and framed.

Renauld painting titled After The Rain (3 panels)

Renauld painting titled After The Rain (3 panels) Renauld painting titled After The Rain (3 panels)

I bought these three paintings at a Savers thrift store. The large painting did not come in a frame. The two smaller ones were framed. The paintings are signed Renauld, and seem to be gouache on cardboard. The large painting measures 26″ x 30″. The two smaller paintings measure 26″ x 10″. I paid a little more for them than I wanted to. oh well.

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