Andre Minaux-Woman With A Flower-Lithograph By Charles Sorlier

I found this print at a Goodwill store for $7. From researching on the net, I believe it is a lithograph by Charles Sorlier of a picture by Andre Minaux (French, 1923 – 1986). It came nicely matted and frame. The picture itself is about 19″ x 29″.
I found a couple other similar pictures  while searching google. The have the same picture up top, but have printing in the solid colored area at the bottom. The description of those mention “Mourlot”. So it is possible this print may have been  produced at the Mourlot Studios in Paris. I see no signature or numbers, though I have no idea what is on the back of the print itself.

Ch. Sorlier Grav. (Charles Sorlier) printed on Andre Minaux Picture