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Impressionist Painting Of House And Trees

I found this painting at a Salvation Army for $8. There is no signature. My guess is it was done as a decorative painting, or by an amateur painter. But I like it. The painting is on a 24″ x 36″ canvas and came in a frame. There is a small hole in the canvas where a nail came through from someone trying to secure the painting in the frame. Not sure if it was done in oil or acrylic.

George Neczyporuk Oil Painting Trees And Stream

I found this oil painting by George Neczyporuk at a thrift store for $8.  The painting is simply signed “G. Neczyporuk.”  The painting measures 18″ X 24″ and is painted on canvas. It came with a frame, though the frame is a little chipped up. Searching Google, I have found a few other paintings by this artist, but nothing about the artist.

Claudio Baretti Oil Painting Two Women On Village Street

I found this painting at a Goodwill for $5. It is either oil or acrylic on canvas. Not sure of the artists name. It looks like it is Claudio Baretti. My guess is this is one of those factory painted pieces for decorative use. But I do like the style. And for $5, what the hey. I like it.

Willie Lee Atkyns oil painting "Old Sentinel Tree" Dismal Swamp, VA

I found this painting today at a Savers thrift store for $15. The painting is oil on board and measures 27″ x 19″. The painting is signed ATKYNS, but the artist’s name is on the back as Lee Atkyns. The painting isn’t dated that I see. It had to be painted before 1968. He was also known as Willie Lee Atkyns Jr. Atkyns was born in 1913, in Washington, D.C. and passed away in 1987, in Duncansville, PA. He had his debut as an artist in 1941 in New York. In 1945 he started teaching at a school he established in Washington, DC. He won many awards, and had his artwork displayed in museums, galleries and public buildings. The painting came in a what looks like a pretty old frame.
This painting was apparently exhibited at the Academy Gallery at 102 East Franklin St, Richmond VA, on April 9th (year unknown). Atkyns lists his address as 4712 Wisconsin Ave, Washington D.C.. So it had to have been painted prior to 1968 when he moved to Puzzletown, PA.
Also written on the bottom back of the frame is “Lull Before The Storm”, but I think this may have been from a previous painting.

Exhibit card from Willie Lee Atkyns oil painting "Old Sentinel Tree" Dismal Swamp, VA

Oil painting of stream flowing through trees by E.A. Brillette

Signature from oil painting that I read as E.A. Brillette

I found this painting at a Goodwill store for $5. I read the artist’s name as E.A. Brillette, but I could be wrong. It is painted on canvas board. It measures 16″ x 20″ and came framed. There is a little bit of damage in the middle of the painting where it looks like the paint was rubbed or scraped. Not sure of the age of the painting, but the sticker from the framer has a phone number in the format of BErgen 3-5802. So it has to be early 70’s or older.

Oil Painting Of Two Ducks On Table

I found this painting at a thrift store today. Actually I saw it there last week, but I bought it today. It only cost $1.98. The price was written in grease pen on the front in the upper left corner (gggrrrrr). I managed to rub it off with a rag. If you look close up you can still see where it was. This painting is old, or made to look old. Not sure. It is an oil painting and there are small cracks in the paint as if it were old. The painting is on thin board, I think plywood. The painting is of two ducks as if brought home from a duck hunt and left on a wood table. For $2, I took a chance on it. It seems old. It measure 18.5″ x 24.5″. There is no signature. The back is just painted black. There seems to be a shadow of a ducks head just below the lower ducks head. Is this a painted shadow, or did the artist move the head? Anyway, they are dead ducks.

Painting of Expressionist Flowers In A Vase by Henry

I don’t know much about this one. I believe it is an oil painting. It painted on a thin piece of board/panel, I would call it expressionist, but I am not an expert. It was just interesting and in only cost $1 at a Salvation Army store. The painting is simply signed Henry.

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase with frame

I found this oil painting today at a thrift store for $5. It’s oil on stretched canvas. The canvas is 14″ x 17″, and it came in this frame. I believe this painting may possibly date to the 19th century. Everything looks very old. There is no signature that I can see. There is some subtle paint chipping. The frame has minor damage also. For $5, I think it is incredibly cool to own a painting over 100 years old and from a couple centuries ago.

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase back
Those aren’t staples in the corner of the stretcher, but bent over nails.

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase back close up

Caroline C. Burnett Oil Painting Paris Street Scene

I found this painting today at the Savers thrift store for $7. I originally thought the signature read Barnetti. But after searching around, I stumbled upon paintings by an artist named Caroline C. Burnett. The signature is almost identical, and the subject matter and painting style are the same. Many of the paintings have the same buildings. And people walking, though the number of people varies from picture to picture. And some have trees, and some don’t. This painting has three people and one tree. It’s an oil painting on a piece of 8″x10″ wood panel. Now as to who Burnett is, I have no idea. I found the artist’s name listed on Artfact. But googling the name, I found MANY people seem to have paintings of Paris street scenes signed BURNETT. Someone posted that they have lived in Paris, and some of the scenes are bogus. So these paintings may be painted by a group of people for tourists. Maybe they are painted in China or Mexico. The frame says “HECHO EN MEXICO”, like so many of the people’s who have Caroline Burnett paintings. Maybe she really really exists and was a prolific painter.

Caroline C. Burnett signature from Paris street scene oil painting

Scott J McLean/McLohn/Mclehn Oil Painting Eye Of An Elephant
I had seen this painting in the thrift shop for weeks. I thought it was some weird abstract. To be honest, it was probably not oriented like this, but was placed on it’s side, or even upside down for all I know. But on my visit to the thrift shop yesterday, I looked at it from a little ways a away and I saw it. Up close it looks like some wierd design. But when I stood back, I saw it was the eye of an elephant. How cool! I still didn’t buy it. But I kept thinking about it, and showed a snapshot of it to my wife and she liked it. So I went back today and bought it. It only cost $3 plus the gas I used to go buy it (the thrift shop is a little over 10 miles from my house).
The painting is 16″x20″ on canvas and I believe it is oil. I can see little cracks in the paint from drying. The signature is Scott J McL-something. It looks like McLohn, but could be McLehn or McLean or even something else. And it is dated 07.Scott J McLean/McLohn/Mclehn Oil Painting Eye Of An Elephant signature
Scott J McLean/McLohn/Mclehn Oil Painting Eye Of An Elephant signature
It appears this was painted over something else. I can see some patterns under the paint and a little color showing through the cracks in the paint.

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