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Sam Elton painting of boat docked on rough water

I found this painting at a Goodwill store for $3. I think it is oil with detail added with pencil. It shows a boat tied to the dock, and the water is pretty rough. There is a house on the hill in the background. There is also a person up there. The painting is signed Sam Elton. It measures about 9.75″ x 11″. It is not dated, but seems to be old. I would guess at 60’s or earlier, but that is just a guess.

Oil Painting of House on a Pond by Walt

I found this and another painting today for $5 at the Savers store near my work. I think it is an oil painting, but it might be acrylic. It’s a small painting done on an 8″ x 10″ canvas. The scene is a house on a pond with a small boat and what looks like a water wheel. The painting is signed simply Walt.

C Magnus Oil Painting of Fortress With People

I found this little painting today at the Savers Thrift Store for $5. I am guessing it is an oil painting. It’s done on an 8″ x 10″ canvas. It seems to be some sort of fortress or castle. It’s signed “C Magnus” in the lower left hand corner.

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase with frame

I found this oil painting today at a thrift store for $5. It’s oil on stretched canvas. The canvas is 14″ x 17″, and it came in this frame. I believe this painting may possibly date to the 19th century. Everything looks very old. There is no signature that I can see. There is some subtle paint chipping. The frame has minor damage also. For $5, I think it is incredibly cool to own a painting over 100 years old and from a couple centuries ago.

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase back
Those aren’t staples in the corner of the stretcher, but bent over nails.

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase back close up

RB Watercolor Painting of Farm Yard

I found this painting last night a the Goodwill for $6. It’s watercolor on paper. It is dated ’62 (1962), but I can’t make out the artist’s name. The first initial is R, and the last name starts with B, maybe “Bl”. It’s hard to even make a guess. Maybe Bloom or Bloen? Maybe Bhoem or Bhoen?It’s a nice farm scene with a barns, houses, trees and a fence. The painting is watercolor on paper and measure 12″ x 18″.

RB Watercolor Painting of Farm Yard signature

Watercolor Painting of 1965 Downtown

I found this painting last night at my local Goodwill for $6. I can’t read the artist’s name. Actually it looks more like the artists initials. I still can’t read them. Maybe I will try an ultraviolet light to bright it out more. The painting was also dated ’65 (1965). It appears to be a downtown scene, but I don’t know where. The Sears building sort of remined me of the Sears building in downtown Seattle, but that building was larger. I found an old picture of a Sears buliding that was on Monroe Ave in Rochester, NY, and the building in the painting sort of looks like that. Also in the scene is an Esso gas station, cars and people. Painting is watercolor and measures 12″ x 16″.

Watercolor Painting of 1965 Downtown signature

Alida Ali Meyer Watercolor Painting of Pink Flowers in a Vase

I found this painting today at the Goodwill thrift store near my work. It only cost $4. The painting measures about 13″ x 14″. It also came framed. I will probably need to reframe it in a larger frame and mat as it looks like the painting is in contact with the glass. It’s signed simply Ali.
After seeing another painting in a thrift store signed by Alida Meyer that I found interesting, I did a search on the artist. I found that she goes by Alida ‘Ali’ Meyer. And her current painting are signed simply Ali. And the signatures seem to match. So this painting was apparently done by Alida Ali Meyer. It also mayb not be watercolor at all. According to some information about her, she apparently thins acyrlic paint to the consistancy of watercolor paint. She is from Pittsford, NY and does “semi-abstract to very abstract” paintings.

Ali Watercolor Painting of Pink Flowers in a Vase signature

Susan Ryan Acrylic Painting Folk Arts Gallery

I spent the day visiting all the thrift stores around the Buffalo, NY area. I found this painting at a Goodwill for $12. I had to look at it VERY close under my 30x loupe. It was just so nicely done I thought it must be a print. But I could see the paint had texture. I wondered if it might be a screen print. But I decided it wasn’t when I fould a tiny brush stroke. I thought it was acrylic, but I found the artist and she said it was gouache, pen and ink. The painting is by Susan Ryan, and is of a Folk Arts Gallery in Santa Fe, NM which the artist visited in 1986-7. There is a cat out front walking on the fence. It is dated 1987. It must have taken a while to paint as the the paint strokes are all so tiny. She must have a very steady hand with tiny little brushes. The painting is 12″ x 15″, and was nicely double mattted and framed.
Susan Ryan has a website at

Caroline C. Burnett Oil Painting Paris Street Scene

I found this painting today at the Savers thrift store for $7. I originally thought the signature read Barnetti. But after searching around, I stumbled upon paintings by an artist named Caroline C. Burnett. The signature is almost identical, and the subject matter and painting style are the same. Many of the paintings have the same buildings. And people walking, though the number of people varies from picture to picture. And some have trees, and some don’t. This painting has three people and one tree. It’s an oil painting on a piece of 8″x10″ wood panel. Now as to who Burnett is, I have no idea. I found the artist’s name listed on Artfact. But googling the name, I found MANY people seem to have paintings of Paris street scenes signed BURNETT. Someone posted that they have lived in Paris, and some of the scenes are bogus. So these paintings may be painted by a group of people for tourists. Maybe they are painted in China or Mexico. The frame says “HECHO EN MEXICO”, like so many of the people’s who have Caroline Burnett paintings. Maybe she really really exists and was a prolific painter.

Caroline C. Burnett signature from Paris street scene oil painting

Carl Burrows Acyrlic Painting of Fishermen in a Boat On The Ocean

I bought this and another painting each for $10 at a thrift store that is going out of business. Not sure where they are getting the paintings, but new ones keep showing up occasionally. They must have stuff stored away. I keep checking back. This painting was done with acrylic paint on an 18×24 piece of canvas covered cardboard. The artist’s name is signed as Carl Burrows and it is dated 71. It shows two fishermen in a row boat in the ocean surf.

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