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Carl R Zimmerman Watercolor Pastel Painting Three Stemmed Willow

I found this painting by Carl R. Zimmerman at a Savers thrift store for $7. It is watercolor and pastel. It came matted and framed, though the frame looked to be a little stained and should be replaced. The title of the painting is listed on the back as Three Stemmed Willow.

J Taft Pastel Painting Scotts Bluff Lake Ontario

I found this pastel painting at a VOA thrift store. It cost $5, and came matted and framed. The frame size is 14″ x 17″. The actual painting is smaller. The artist’s name appears to be J Taft and is signed on both the front and back. On the back it is labelled Scotts Bluff Lake Ontario. There is a number after the artists name: 1001. So maybe this was painted 10/2001?

Vivian Ripley pastel painting of trees in snow

While visiting Columbus Ohio, I managed to visit some of the local thrift stores. I found this painting at a Goodwill store for $25. It was nicely matted and framed.The hanger wire on the back broke, but that will be easy to replace. The painting itself is about 19″ x 25″. The painting is by Vivian Ripley, an artist from Columbus. I really liked her use of pastel in the painting.

A or H (Harris?) Strong Abstract Painting Mardi Gras II
I bought this painting at a Volunteers Of America Thrift Store for $25. The painting actually looks much nicer than this photo. I took a couple dozen photos, and they all looked blurry. I may try again. There is a sticker on the back for STRONG (Harris G Strong Incorporated). The signature looks like it is “A Strong” but it could possibly be “H Strong” in line with the Harris G. Strong label on the back of the painting. I found an auction site listing a painting with an almost identical signature and it was listed as H Strong (Harris Strong).  Harris Strong did have a son named Andre Strong. Maybe it was painted by him. I found other signatures from Harris G. Strong and they were signed in cursive type writing. But painting definately came from Harris G Strong’s studio and the last name in the signature is definately Strong. But was it painted by Harris G. Strong? I don’t know. The title of the painting is written as “Mardi Gras II”.
The painting is on 20″ x 26″ paper and done with acrylic (maybe oil) for the smaller marks. There are some horizontal lines that are probably pencil. The zig zags are pastel. The paper is mounted on a gray backing board and very nicely framed.

A Strong or H Strong signature (Harris G Strong?)

Harris G Strong Incorporated Bar Harbor Rd, Ellsworth ME 04605 sticker

Pastel Drawing of Ballerina Lacing Up Her Pointe Shoe
I found this pastel painting today at a thrift store for $6. The exposed portion is about 11 inches by 14.5 inches. I can’t read the artist’s name but it sort of looks like it might be something like Sam Gaby or Sari Gaby. I don’t know. It is dated ’02 (2002). It came nicely matted and framed. There is a sticker on the back stating “Custom framing provided by Rochester Picture Framing Inc in honor of Edgar Degas: Figures in Motion”. I did a search and found that the Edgar Degas: Figures in Motion exhibit was at the Memorial Art Gallery from October 13th, 2002-January 5th, 2003. I am not sure if they had artists doing Degas inspired paintings for the show? Below is the artist’s signature

Signature from Pastel Drawing of Ballerina Lacing Up Her Pointe Shoe

Dot Telis Pastel Milkin' Time
This the second of two paintings I bought today. I found them both at a thrift store near my work. The painting is pastel on board and is signed “D Telis”. But on the back of the painting is a small piece of the paper with the name “Dot Telis”. There was also writing on the back of the framed painting. It listed the title as Milkin’ Time. And had the artist’s name, address and phone number: “D. Telis, Angle Rd, West Seneca, NR4-3536″. With a phone number with letters like that, it had to have been painted in the 1970’s or earlier. The scene is very nice with a young girl walking from the barn in the early morning just before the sunrise. This painting cost me $8.98. It measures 20″ x 26″.

Dot Telis Pastel Milkin’ Time close up on girl

Pastel West Highland White Terrier with frame
I visited a Salvation Army store across town that I haven’t looked for paintings at before. They didn’t have a lot, but I found this pastel painting of a West Highland White Terrier (Westie). The frame is pretty nice, and the painting only cost me $5. I am guessing it was a custom painting of someone’s pet, but I don’t know. My inlaws have a Westie. They might like the painting. The painting measures 16″ x 20″. I can’t read the signature other than it starts with a M. Maybe “Mischa W”? Misuha? Dunno. It’s dated ’88 though. Cute dog!
Pastel West Highland White Terrier
Pastel West Highland White Terrier signature-I can't read it...

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