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Claudio Baretti Oil Painting Two Women On Village Street

I found this painting at a Goodwill for $5. It is either oil or acrylic on canvas. Not sure of the artists name. It looks like it is Claudio Baretti. My guess is this is one of those factory painted pieces for decorative use. But I do like the style. And for $5, what the hey. I like it.

Renauld painting titled After The Rain (3 panels)

Renauld painting titled After The Rain (3 panels) Renauld painting titled After The Rain (3 panels)

I bought these three paintings at a Savers thrift store. The large painting did not come in a frame. The two smaller ones were framed. The paintings are signed Renauld, and seem to be gouache on cardboard. The large painting measures 26″ x 30″. The two smaller paintings measure 26″ x 10″. I paid a little more for them than I wanted to. oh well.

Andre Minaux-Woman With A Flower-Lithograph By Charles Sorlier

I found this print at a Goodwill store for $7. From researching on the net, I believe it is a lithograph by Charles Sorlier of a picture by Andre Minaux (French, 1923 – 1986). It came nicely matted and frame. The picture itself is about 19″ x 29″.
I found a couple other similar pictures  while searching google. The have the same picture up top, but have printing in the solid colored area at the bottom. The description of those mention “Mourlot”. So it is possible this print may have been  produced at the Mourlot Studios in Paris. I see no signature or numbers, though I have no idea what is on the back of the print itself.

Ch. Sorlier Grav. (Charles Sorlier) printed on Andre Minaux Picture

T.C. Chiu watercolor painting of woman on a bridge
I found this painting yesterday at a Habitat For Humanity thrift store in Buffalo. It cost me only $12. The painting measures about 17.5″ x 23.5″. The painting is signed T.C. Chiu. I did a search and found the artist’s name is Tan Chun Chiu. He has a studio in Pine Brook. I don’t know the age of the painting other than it was mostly likely done prior to 1997 when Pine Brook was still in the 201 area code. My search showed there are many prints available of T.C. Chiu’s paintings, but mine is an original! Sweet! It was done in watercolor.
T.C. Chiu studied art in China and then came to the United States in 1974. There is an address label stuck to the back of the painting with his studio location at 4 Parkway Drive, Pine Brook, NJ 07058. I don’t know if he is still at that location. I know he is still in Pine Brook.

Close up of T.C. Chiu signature

Address label on back of T.C. Chiu watercolor painting

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