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Susan Lowans Watercolor Painting Pink Begonias

I found this painting at a Goodwill store for $7. It came matted and framed. The painting is signed S. Lowans. There is a card on the back labelling the painting as Pink Begonias. It also lists the artist’s name as S. Lowans. But searching the phone number on cards, I found a listing for a Susan H. Lowans. The card states “courtesy of Roselawn Galleries.” The phone number has an older area code, so this was painted a while back. I couldn’t find much about the artist other than she was local to the Rochester Area. It’s a very pretty painting. I like it. For some reason, I am reminded of Georgia O’Keeffe, but I don’t know why. I am thinking it’s the subtle shading of the flowers. With the skill of this painting, I am surprised I haven’t been able to find out more about the artist. She is obviously very talented.

Marie L Allen still life watercolor painting

I found this painting at a Goodwill for $12. The painting is signed MLA 08. The artist’s full name is written on the back as Marie L. Allen. It is was probably done in 2008. It’s done in watercolor, but it looks like it possibly might have been touched up with acrylic paint. Not sure what kind of flowers those are in the vase. Maybe lilies of some sort. The fruit in the bowl look like pears. Then there is the bottle and the tea pot. Fairly common still life items. The painting measures 22″ x 27″.  It also came matted and framed, though the mat could probably be replaced.

Oil Painting Of Two Ducks On Table

I found this painting at a thrift store today. Actually I saw it there last week, but I bought it today. It only cost $1.98. The price was written in grease pen on the front in the upper left corner (gggrrrrr). I managed to rub it off with a rag. If you look close up you can still see where it was. This painting is old, or made to look old. Not sure. It is an oil painting and there are small cracks in the paint as if it were old. The painting is on thin board, I think plywood. The painting is of two ducks as if brought home from a duck hunt and left on a wood table. For $2, I took a chance on it. It seems old. It measure 18.5″ x 24.5″. There is no signature. The back is just painted black. There seems to be a shadow of a ducks head just below the lower ducks head. Is this a painted shadow, or did the artist move the head? Anyway, they are dead ducks.

Anne Taylor watercolor painting of yellow, pink and purple flowers in a vase

We were in Buffalo visiting the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and stopped at a thrift store that I missed on my visit last week. I found this water color painting. It came matted, but with no frame. It only cost $2. The artist is Anne Taylor. There is a post it note on the back saying she is a native of Jamestown, NY. The painting measures about 14″ x 19″.
I found an Anne Taylor that was an artist and lived in Jamestown, NY. She was born in 1914, and passed away in 2003. Not sure this is the same Anne Taylor, but it might be. I read that her daughter donated some of her artwork to the Salamanca Historical Society. So if I get down that way, and remember, I might be able to check it out. If they have it on a display anyway.

Bronna A Butler watercolor painting of potted plants on window sill

While on my way to karate class, I stopped at the Goodwill store and found this painting. It was matted and wrapped in plastic. It only cost $2. The painting was signed B. A. Butler. But on the cardboard backing board was the name Bronna Butler. The painting is watercolor on heavy paper. It was not lined up in the mat very well. I opened it up and found the painting scotch taped to the backing board. I removed the scotch tape and will replace the cardboard with foam core board. I will also use proper hinge tape. I may or may not reuse the mat. I also found what looks like a thumb tack hole in the painting. I carefully pressed it closed so it is less visible. The painting is on 9.5″ x 13″ paper. Though the visible area after matting will be about 8.5″ x 12″.
I did a search on Bronna Butler and found the New Jersey arist has been involved in creating artwork related to September 11 including a painting to raise money, and she designed a 9/11 memorial located in Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, N.J. She was also involved in restoring stained glass windows from Sacred Heart Church in Vailsburg, Newark that will be used at Maryrest Chapel Mausoleum in Mahwah, as well as creating new art.

Anne Beswick painting of daisies in a glass vase

I found this painting of daisies in a clear glass vase at a Goodwill for $4. It is paint, not sure if acrylic or oil, with detail added with pen. The artist’s name is Anne Beswick. The painting is on canvas covered cardboard and measures 8″ x 10″ It came in a decent frame. I haven’t been able to find anything about the artist.

Painting of Red Flowers In A Purple Vase
I found this painting today at a Salvation Army store. It cost me $2. It measures 12″ x 16″ and appears to be painted on maybe linen paper. I am guessing it is acrylic. I can’t read the artists name. Maybe Berg, or Bay? Bry? The painting is very simple in style and is reminiscent of some Henri Matisse paintings. It was framed in a nice white frame.

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase with frame

I found this oil painting today at a thrift store for $5. It’s oil on stretched canvas. The canvas is 14″ x 17″, and it came in this frame. I believe this painting may possibly date to the 19th century. Everything looks very old. There is no signature that I can see. There is some subtle paint chipping. The frame has minor damage also. For $5, I think it is incredibly cool to own a painting over 100 years old and from a couple centuries ago.

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase back
Those aren’t staples in the corner of the stretcher, but bent over nails.

Old Oil Painting Pink And White Flowers In Vase back close up

Alida Ali Meyer Watercolor Painting of Pink Flowers in a Vase

I found this painting today at the Goodwill thrift store near my work. It only cost $4. The painting measures about 13″ x 14″. It also came framed. I will probably need to reframe it in a larger frame and mat as it looks like the painting is in contact with the glass. It’s signed simply Ali.
After seeing another painting in a thrift store signed by Alida Meyer that I found interesting, I did a search on the artist. I found that she goes by Alida ‘Ali’ Meyer. And her current painting are signed simply Ali. And the signatures seem to match. So this painting was apparently done by Alida Ali Meyer. It also mayb not be watercolor at all. According to some information about her, she apparently thins acyrlic paint to the consistancy of watercolor paint. She is from Pittsford, NY and does “semi-abstract to very abstract” paintings.

Ali Watercolor Painting of Pink Flowers in a Vase signature

Myrtle Kleckman Painting Fall Bouquet

I made another visit to the thrift store that is going out of busines, and mysteriously they had paintings out that they hadn’t had before. I found a couple nice paintings. They were priced at $19.99 but were half off. So they were $10 each. I really like this painting of flowers in a vase with some grapes. I believe it is acrylic. It is not signed on the front, but has the artist”s name on the back. The artist was Myrtle Kleckman. The title is listed as “Fall Bouquet”. It was done on 18×24 inch canvas covered cardboard. It was already framed.

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