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Robert Castner Color Drawing of Dasies
I found this drawing at one of the thrift stores near my work. It is a drawing with some sort of colored pencil. I don’t think it is pastel. I think it might be watercolor pencil. The drawing is about 10″ x 13″ and was framed and matted. It is signed Robert I. Castner or maybe Robert L. Castner. It cost me $7. There is a sticker on the back of the frame: Lake Country Gallery, 3944 Mooresville Festival, Mooresvilles, NC 28117, (704) 664-5022. I don’t know if the drawing was sold there, or maybe just framed there. I haven’t been able to find anything on the artist.

Robert Castner Color Drawing of Dasies Signature

Ricardo Sacristan Watercolor Santillana Del Mar (Santander, Spain)

I spent my lunch hour in a thrift store near my work looking for books. But while I was there, I checked for paintings. I had just been in there a couple days ago, found nothing. I have been in this store many times, and am used to seeing pretty much the same cheap prints all the time. But today I got lucky and found two nice paintings. I thought this painting may have been painted in Mexico by the look of it. I bought it for $10.96. I couldn’t read the signature as it was partially covered by the matting. I removed the painting from the frame and was able to see the whole signature. But I still couldn’t read it.

Ricardo Sacristan Watercolor Santillana Del Mar signature
Fortunately, there was writing on the back of the painting. The artist’s name is Ricardo Sacristan and I found him listed on several art sites. He was born in 1921 and died in 1981 and lived in Spain. Apparently the title of the painting is Santillana Del Mar (Santander) which is the town freatured in the painting. It is watercolor on board. The painting measures 14″ x 20″. It’s an interesting painting. I am not sure when it was painted. The scene in the painting apears to show chickens, a donkey or burro, and it looks like dirt and weeds. I found a photo of the town, and this whole area is paved with stones or bricks. So maybe when it was painted, it wasn’t. Or the artist painted it how it might have been before.
Ricardo Sacristan Watercolor Santillana Del Mar (Santander, Spain) label

Jean S LeLoup watercolor Wood's Cottage with frame
Jean S LeLoup watercolor Wood's Cottage
This is the second of two paintings that I found and bought yesterday. One of the my favorite thrift stores is going out of business and had everything 50% off. This watercolor painting by Jean S. LeLoup was priced at $9.99, so with half off, it only cost me $5. The painting is loose from the mat, so I will have to open it up, and redo it. I have some acid-free hinge tape. This painting smaller than many I find at about 9″ x 12″. Even framed and matted it’s only 13.5″ x 17″. The painting is signed J.S. LeLoup, but she had a business card attached to the back with her full name. “Wood’s Cottage” is written on the card, so I am assuming that is the title. Does that mean that it is a cottage in the woods, or is there a person named Wood, and this is their cottage? There is a phone number on the card, and according to the area code/prefix, it is in Latham, NY.
Jean S LeLoup watercolor Wood's Cottage signature

Paula Duwe Watercolor of Pink Irises with frame

I stopped at the Veterans Thrift store and saw a sign on the door saying 50% off. I asked if that was everything, and they said yes. I found two nice original watercolors. I had seen this one in there before, but it was priced higher than I wanted to spend. But it had been marked down to $29.99, and with 50% off, that was only $15. So I bought it. The painting is large, being about 22″ x 30″. Framed and matted it’s 28″ x 36″. The irises with pink, white and purple color are pretty.  The signature is simply “Paula”, but the artists full name and address is on the back. Paula Duwe’s address is listed as being in San Antonio, TX. There is also a small inscription by the artist and a date of 6/30/85. There is also a paper taped to the back from “River Art Group in La Villita-San Antonio’s Hidden Treasure”.

Paula Duwe Watercolor of Pink Irises

The bad news is that the reason for the 50% off, is that they are closing…
Paula Duwe Watercolor of Pink Irises signature

Carole A. Battle watercolor of yellow flowers with frame

Carole A. Battle watercolor of yellow flowers
I found this original watercolor painting today at one of the thrift stores near my work. The artist’s name is Carole A. Battle who is a local artist who is nationally acclaimed. The painting of yellow flowers, cost me $25. A little more than I like to spend on my thrift store art, but it is professionally framed and matted, and as I said the artist is nationally known. And I liked the painting. The painting is about 11.5″ x 20.5″, with the frame being about 23″ x 30″. I am not sure what kind of flowers they are. Roses? Dandelions? Daisies? Maybe it doesn’t matter?
Besides this original painting, I found a couple smaller prints by Carole Battle as well. But I didn’t buy them.
I was looking through the website of Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery and found that they have one of Carole A Battle’s pieces in their collection. The piece is titled Harvest Moon and is dated 1993. The description of the piece is “etching, aquatint and embossing, 7 15/16 in. x 11 7/8 in.” and it won the 1993 Patron Print Award. Carole A Battle was born in 1940.

Watercolor Flowers In A Vase with Fruit With FrameI found this painting at a Volunteers Of America thrift store for $6. It’s an original watercolor painted by M. Wemett (or possibily the name is M Weniett). The frame is okay, but the mat sucks and has a small stain at the bottom. I debated about buying the painting. The subject is pretty generic (flowers in a vase with a couple pears). But I liked the quality of the painting. The painting itself reminded me of a painting (probably a print) that was hung in our house when I was a kid. The color choices for the flowers are interesting. Kind of strange and muted. Maybe the painting is faded some? Or are these the original colors?

Watercolor Flowers In A Vase with Fruit
Watercolor Flowers In A Vase with Fruit Signature

Linda Banks watercolor Abandoned Well with frame

Linda Banks watercolor Abandoned Well

I stopped at the local Goodwill today to see if they had anything new. I was just there a couple days ago, so didn’t expect anything. I but I got lucky and found this watercolor painting for $10. The artist’s name is Linda Banks. The painting is dated 10/73 and is titled “Abandoned Well”. The painting itself is about 17″x18.5″ and in the mat and frame is 27″x29″. I am pretty sure it was framed by the artist as well. Very rustic looking. The artist’s business card which is stapled to the back has her address in Macedon, NY. I don’t know how old that is though.

Watercolor Eglise Notre-Dame Des Victoires - QuebecI found this painting today at a thrift store for $5. It’s 18″x24″. The watercolor looks real under my 30x loupe. Part of me thinks the ink part was might have been printed, and then painted with watercolor afterward. I can’t tell. But for $5, I took a chance. There is something written after “Quebec”, but it is faded. I looked at it under a UV light, and it is more visible. I still can’t make out what it says. Looks like it starts with an M and ends with an H. Maybe the artist’s signature? I took it out of the frame and there was nothing on the back except a couple paint splatters. I don’t see the artist’s name anywhere else on the painting.

Here is the writing after the word Quebec, under UV light. I also tweaked the contrast and brightness of the image to make it stand out more. Anybody else have any ideas what it says?Eglise -Notre-Dame Des Victoires Quebec Signature

Betty Hook watercolor roses with frameBetty Hook watercolor rosesI found this watercolor painting at a Goodwill for $4. The artist’s name is Betty Hook. The painting itself is 26″x7″. With the mat and frame it’s 31.5″x11.5″.  The frame is in poor condition, and has been repaired with a couple of nails. We really don’t like the pink frame anyway and will probably replace it with a different color.

Ron Briggs watercolor house and barn with frame

It’s an original watercolor painting (15″x20″) on board, with an opaque type paint for the clouds. The artist’s name is Ron Briggs, and it’s dated 1981. Cost $7. I believe the artist is from England. The frame and mat are junk, and I plan to replace them when I find a better frame in my travels. The painting has a little damage in the upper left hand corner. I removed the painting from the frame and found it also signed by the artist on the back and dated 6,9,81.
Ron Briggs watercolor house and barn

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