Harris G. Strong Enamel Tile

I found this today at a local thrift store. I bought it for $9. I was kind of surprised as this thrift store has been raising the prices on art work since I started shopping there! Anyway, this is an enamel tile from the studio of Harris G. Strong. There is the sticker on the back for Harris G Strong Inc in Ellsworth Maine. It came very nicely matted and framed. I do not know for sure that this tile was done by Harris Strong himself.  I already own a painting that came from Harris G Strong Inc, so I was familiar with his studio. He had a bunch of artists working there doing a variety of art. But Harris Strong did tiles. There is the word/name Strong in the lower right corner of the tile. There is no other signature that I see. There is a marking on the cardboard back, U4 or CL4. Not sure if that means anything. The tile measures anout 4″ x 5″. Not sure if that is gold. It’s pretty cool.

Harris G. Strong Enamel Tile In Frame