Heller Oil Painting of Flowers In A Vase with Frame

Heller Oil Painting of Flowers In A Vase

I was out bookhunting in a couple thrift stores (crappy day of book hunting) when I spotted this oil painting. I had already looked through the paintings, but for some reason, this painting was over with the photo frames. It was only $5, and I liked the frame. The painting is oil on a 12″ x 16″ canvas. The frame is 19″ x 23″. The painting seems pretty generic as far as subject matter. I guess people really like to paint flowers in vases. My wife liked the painting when I showed it to her. I like the colors and like how it almost looks looks three dimentional. You can almost feel the curved surface of the vase. The frame is worth more than the $5 I paid for it. The artist’s name is simply signed as “Heller”. At least that is how I am reading it.  Interesting it ends with an uppercase R. So “HelleR.” or maybe “HelloR”? No first name. I may spend a little time searching for artists name Heller and see if they have a similar signature.

Heller Oil Painting of Flowers In A Vase Signature