J. L. Gibson watercolor painting of teddy bear in dress 'Astoria'
I found this cute painting at Goodwill for $5. It was drawn out in pencil and painted over with watercolor. It is signed and titled in pencil. The artist signature looks like it is “j.l. gibson”. The title of the painting is “Astoria”. I haven’t been able to find anything out about the artist though. The painting was nicely matted and framed. The exposed part of the painting in the mat is 14″ x 18″. The painting was just very cute and whimsical. And all the interesting little details. The parrot, flowers, lamp, teacup, etc. The bear seems to be holding a book. Are the flowers on the floor wrapped in newspaper? It’s like a little girl was playing dressup with the bear.

J. L. Gibson signature from watercolor painting 'Astoria'