K. Wolf Webb Watercolor Painting Summer Egret 1968
I went out for a bike ride at lunch from work. I stopped in at a couple thrift stores including a Goodwill store. I found this painting which I really liked. But I had forgotten my loupe, so I wasn’t sure if it was an original, or a print. Looking at it, I thought it was an original. It looked like pencil parks among the watercolor paint. So I rode back to work, changed clothes, and headed back to the Goodwill hoping the painting was still there. It was. I looked at it under the loupe, and sure enough, it wasn’t a print. Yay! I bought it for $18.  On the front written in pencil is the the title of the painting “Summer Egret”, along with the artist’s signature K Wolf Webb and a date 1968. Pretty cool that this painting is almost 45 years old.  The card on the back lists the artist’s name as K Wolf Webb from Charlotte, NC. There is a price listed of $400 plus $50 for the frame. The painting is 21 inches by 29 inches. Great deal! I contacted the artist whose full name is Katherine Wolf Webb. She painted this in 1968 as part of a series of paintings of egrets for a show at Boston College. I really like this painting. It is among my favorite thrift store art finds!