Pablo Picasso Print Of Bouquet Of Flowers With Hands
I am not sure about this print. I found it at a Savers thrift store for $5. I have a nice Picasso serigraph, and thought this might be another one. I didn’t do any research before I bought it. But when I started doing searches for pictures by Picasso of flowers with hands, I found a bunch of images of a picture very similar to this one, but with bright colors. I mean the flowers were red, yellow, orange and purple. This picture is almost indentical, but the colors are different. I thought that it might be a print of that picture but VERY faded. But no. The shapes of the flowers and petals are almost identical except the top-most flower. The shape of the flower center is slightly different than the other pictures I found. Maybe it is a variation of the well known picture? I am thinking more likely that someone copied the original picture and reduced the colors for screen printing or something. Maybe a school project or something? No idea. At worst I got a nice frame.