Paula Duwe Watercolor of Pink Irises with frame

I stopped at the Veterans Thrift store and saw a sign on the door saying 50% off. I asked if that was everything, and they said yes. I found two nice original watercolors. I had seen this one in there before, but it was priced higher than I wanted to spend. But it had been marked down to $29.99, and with 50% off, that was only $15. So I bought it. The painting is large, being about 22″ x 30″. Framed and matted it’s 28″ x 36″. The irises with pink, white and purple color are pretty.  The signature is simply “Paula”, but the artists full name and address is on the back. Paula Duwe’s address is listed as being in San Antonio, TX. There is also a small inscription by the artist and a date of 6/30/85. There is also a paper taped to the back from “River Art Group in La Villita-San Antonio’s Hidden Treasure”.

Paula Duwe Watercolor of Pink Irises

The bad news is that the reason for the 50% off, is that they are closing…
Paula Duwe Watercolor of Pink Irises signature