Ricardo Sacristan Watercolor Santillana Del Mar (Santander, Spain)

I spent my lunch hour in a thrift store near my work looking for books. But while I was there, I checked for paintings. I had just been in there a couple days ago, found nothing. I have been in this store many times, and am used to seeing pretty much the same cheap prints all the time. But today I got lucky and found two nice paintings. I thought this painting may have been painted in Mexico by the look of it. I bought it for $10.96. I couldn’t read the signature as it was partially covered by the matting. I removed the painting from the frame and was able to see the whole signature. But I still couldn’t read it.

Ricardo Sacristan Watercolor Santillana Del Mar signature
Fortunately, there was writing on the back of the painting. The artist’s name is Ricardo Sacristan and I found him listed on several art sites. He was born in 1921 and died in 1981 and lived in Spain. Apparently the title of the painting is Santillana Del Mar (Santander) which is the town freatured in the painting. It is watercolor on board. The painting measures 14″ x 20″. It’s an interesting painting. I am not sure when it was painted. The scene in the painting apears to show chickens, a donkey or burro, and it looks like dirt and weeds. I found a photo of the town, and this whole area is paved with stones or bricks. So maybe when it was painted, it wasn’t. Or the artist painted it how it might have been before.
Ricardo Sacristan Watercolor Santillana Del Mar (Santander, Spain) label