S.C.H. watercolor painting of lonely man by the sea
I found this painting today at a thrift store for $5. It is very nicely double matted and framed. It is watercolor on paper, and the painting itself measures about 8″ x 10.5″. It is signed with what looks like the initials “SCH”. And it is dated “11-25-04″. On the back of the mat I found the name Harris along with sizing numbers. So maybe the name of the artist is Harris, or maybe that was the person having the painting framed? It was frame at a store named “Frames, Etc” in Waco, Texas. To me. the painting seems to be of a man, or boy on a beach with the ocean behind him. It’s very blue and dark. His shoulders seem slumped and maybe his head is hanging down a bit. It’s just him and his reflection or shadow on the ground. He seems alone. It was just very interesting.

S.C.H. signature from watercolor painting of lonely man by the sea