Serig Watercolor/Acrylic Painting of Park With Purple SkyI was out hitting thrift stores today looking for books and paintings. I found a few original paintings, but they weren’t very good. At the last thrift store I visited, I saw this painting. The paintings at this place are priced higher than most of the thrift stores I visit. But I looked anyway. Many of the pictures they have are prints. And most of the originals are kind of ugly. There is one painting of an owl that is interesting, but it is priced $200.
But I saw this painting and liked it…a lot. It was priced at $30 which is more than I like to pay for my thrift store paintings. I snapped a photo, and decided to check out the artist. I drove to a newarby wifi hotspot and did a search for  the artist “Serig” but couldn’t find anything definitive. I decided to go home and do some more research. I drove a little ways towards home, and turned around. I knew it was going to haunt me if I didn’t buy it. And the store is only open a few days a week, so I wasn’t sure when I would have an opportunity to come back. And it might be gone. So I bought it. I kept looking at it under my loupe to make sure it wasn’t a print. I was able to see some texture of the paint strokes where the acrylic was used. But it just looked so nice, like a painting that might be used on a poster for an art exhibit or something. The guy at the thrift store said he didn’t know anything about the artist, but that the painting came from the estate of an artist named Maura Marsh.
This painting was painted with acrylic paint. To me it looks like it’s maybe a park. It sort of looks like park benches under the trees. And then there is the purple sky. The whole painting is made up of simple dabs and strokes of paint. Very colorful. And is that a row of ducks crossing the path? And maybe a person sitting on the bench at the left? Maybe reading a newspaper? It seems to have a Vincent Van Gogh/Claude Monet feel to it…   The style is very similar to some of the paintings done by Andre Derain. I think the style is called “fauvism”. This has instantly become one of my favorite paintings that I own.
The painting is framed an matted very nicely. The exposed portion is 17″ x 23″, so I am guessing the painting is actually 18″ x 24″. The frame is 21″ x 27″. I just love this painting! I wish I knew about the artist. What else have they done? I googled the name Serig, and found a Dan Serig who I thought might be the artist of this painting. This is the reply that I got.
Hi Rob,

My goodness. Yes, I’m the artist. There’s quite a story behind it. It is, indeed, acrylic. I painted it on-site in Paris in 2000 in Place des Vosges park. I was there for a summer while I was teaching art at an international school in Shanghai, China. I gave that particular painting to Maura Marsh (from whose estate the store owner described). Maura was a dear friend of mine in Shanghai. She was, among many things, a weaver. She worked with my students. Her husband was on the board of our school. Unfortunately, Maura passed away.
You got a good deal. Similar paintings from that summer were sold for between $500-$1500. I am grateful that you have given it a good, new home and are taking care of it. That summer was a big leap back into my own art practice. Since then, I’ve had several shows, although my work is much more abstract – but still with a focus on line/stroke. I earned my doctorate in art and art education from Teachers College-Columbia University, and I am now a tenured professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
You now own a piece from a seminal summer in my development as an artist and art educator. I hope it brings you years of enjoyment.

Best regards,
How cool! I found pictures of the Place des Vosges Park, and see the details of what is in the painting. I now know that those are roof tops just above the trees. It is nice to know the story behind the painting and to know a little bit about the artist. I am always curious about the people behind the paintings that I buy. Thank you Dan for responding! I am happy to own one of your paintings.
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