Susan Ryan Acrylic Painting Folk Arts Gallery

I spent the day visiting all the thrift stores around the Buffalo, NY area. I found this painting at a Goodwill for $12. I had to look at it VERY close under my 30x loupe. It was just so nicely done I thought it must be a print. But I could see the paint had texture. I wondered if it might be a screen print. But I decided it wasn’t when I fould a tiny brush stroke. I thought it was acrylic, but I found the artist and she said it was gouache, pen and ink. The painting is by Susan Ryan, and is of a Folk Arts Gallery in Santa Fe, NM which the artist visited in 1986-7. There is a cat out front walking on the fence. It is dated 1987. It must have taken a while to paint as the the paint strokes are all so tiny. She must have a very steady hand with tiny little brushes. The painting is 12″ x 15″, and was nicely double mattted and framed.
Susan Ryan has a website at