Watercolor Painting of 1965 Downtown

I found this painting last night at my local Goodwill for $6. I can’t read the artist’s name. Actually it looks more like the artists initials. I still can’t read them. Maybe I will try an ultraviolet light to bright it out more. The painting was also dated ’65 (1965). It appears to be a downtown scene, but I don’t know where. The Sears building sort of remined me of the Sears building in downtown Seattle, but that building was larger. I found an old picture of a Sears buliding that was on Monroe Ave in Rochester, NY, and the building in the painting sort of looks like that. Also in the scene is an Esso gas station, cars and people. Painting is watercolor and measures 12″ x 16″.

Watercolor Painting of 1965 Downtown signature